What image options are available for purchase?

Images are available in two downloadable options. Unmodified original and “enhanced” by modification of the some image characteristics such as color or contrast. The images are not manipulated, otherwise this will be stated in the photo selling page. Some photos appear greater with increased contrast, applying a HDR (high dynamic range) or increased color saturation.
In addition images are available in three downloadable sizes; large-sized, medium sized and small that are suited for the web.


Payment options. Does the site use encrypted information?

You can pay via PayPal. We are not handling any credit card information in the website. When you pay via PayPal you can choose to pay via your account or via credit card.

Yes. The site uses an encrypted web connection (secure certificate). Look for the “lock” in the upper left corner of the page ensuring a secure connection. Otherwise contact the webmaster.


Is refunding possible?

Refunding is possible only if the order is still awaiting confirmation (being processed). Once the order has been processed/approved and an email with downloadable links has been sent to the user, no refunding is possible due to the digital nature of the content.


Can I upload my images?

No. At the moment this possibility is not available.


What can I do with a 4288 x 2848 px image?

A image sized to 4288 x 2848 can for example be printed up to 151.3 x 100.5 cm depending on the type of the printer. All images are provided with at least 300 dpi. To print larger images you need to increase the dpi with any image editor software. Smaller images are suitable be used in presentations or for the web.

On this webpage Megapixel calculator you can understand some of the print sizes for an image sized 4288 x 2848 px!


Can RAW images be purchased?

The availability of RAW files is variable and some images are without. Currently there is no possibility to purchase RAW images (in our case NEF files). If you are a photographer and is interested in purchasing a NEF image, please send us a notice through contact me and we will try our best to help.

The images on the site appear to have low resolution/quality?

We have tried to compress the images as much as we can to improve performance on the site, at the same time maintaining size and quality. This, compromises the quality of the images. Visit our Flickr page and enjoy high quality images.


The shop process.

Once you have purchased your order and your order has been processed, a downloadable link will be mailed to you. Remember that the link will expire after 3 (THREE) attempts of downloading.