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Terms and Conditions (Terms):

By using this site or any content/services provided by MedInArt the user agree with these Terms. These “Terms” referred by this page may be changed or modified at anytime.


You may use the services provieded by MedInArt with or without Registration. By registration, you agree to provide completely correct and updated information. ِِAny information about users during registration are stored safely and are not shared with any 3rd party services.

Using MedInArt

All “Content” of MedInArt.se including images, videos, text, applications and ideas are copyright of MedInArt.se (MedInArt AB). Any Content provided by MedInArt should not be copied or changed. This implies to images, videos, text, softwares and ideas.


Using the content – images and videos

Images and Videos on MedInArt are copyright of MedInArt AB. After Purchasing any content (image or video) you may use it for your own purposes. You may not resell or in any way modify the content you purchased. Due to the digital nature of the content provided by the site (MedInArt), refunding is not possible once the user was provided with the page containing the downloadable links. However, it is still possible to be refunded during the time the orders are being processed and awaiting and before they are confirmed.


Uploading Images

At the moment there is no possibility to upload any kind of media content to this site by the users.


Violation of Terms

The user is responsible in case of violation of these Terms for any compensantion it may imply.



MedInArt and its content are provided as it is. There is no WARRANTY given to any Content.